Hop on one of the “old milk run” trains that service the five villiages in the Cinque Terre region…Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola and Riomaggiore. From the train station, wander up via Gavino…about a 4 minute walk…arrive at the top of the town. “II Pirata delle Cinque Terre” stands at the end of a short set of shops. A few small tables covered with cloth are waiting out front or you can dine inside this small but lively “Italian ristorante.” You are about to taste “Italian Food” that will bring you back again and again.

Sicilians Gianluca and Massimo (Twins) run a very unique Italian restaurant located at the top of the town in Vanazza, Italy. During the off season the brothers live on an island near Sicily and teach culinary classes. They bring a touch of Sicily to this region from March to September each season. Gianluca is a pastry chef artist and along with his brother brings an array of homemade hot out of the oven treats each morning like panzerotto (made from ricotta, cinnamon, and vanilla) and variety of bruschette made from meat and cheese. The brothers pack the place each morning and are a big hit even for the locals. During the day the fresh fruit granitas (slushees) are popular with the crowds. Lunch is served all day and for dinner it is a good idea to have reservations. The atmosphere is special as the duo creates fun with their playful service. Some of our favorite recommendations are: Starters–Bruschetta with pesto sauce & Tomato, Parma ham & buffalo mozzarella, pasta–lasagna with pesto sauce, lasagne bolognese (with meat sauce) cannelloni with ricotta cheese and spinach. The next time you visit Cinque Terre, treat yourself to the entertaining “Canoli brothers” and their authentic Italian cuisine. For more info click acehighwine.com

II Pirata delle Cinque Terre-is located at the top of Vanazza (one of five villages in the Cinque Terre area) near the bus stop, and parking area. They are open daily 6:30-24:00 and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (Reservations recommended) Via Gavino 36, telephone 0187-812-047.

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