If you are taking a trip through the country of Italy, you will quickly find that appreciating the Italian food means trying things from many different regions. Italy is broken up into many small regions and within these regions there are several different villages and towns. Going from town to town and village to village, will allow you the opportunity to sample and taste what the different areas have to offer. Just because you have sampled one sauce from one house within a town, you should not automatically assume that you have a feel for the way things are done. In fact, you have more than likely only scratched the surface and there is plenty lying below waiting to be discovered.

Your Sauce Is Not My Sauce

There are many reasons for actually appreciating Italian food, and one of the most obvious is of course the great pasta sauce that can be found in Italy. It is important to note however, that just because a sauce is found in one house within one select village, it does not mean that this is the way it is done throughout the entire village. The fact is that that particular home has done things to their sauce for generations, and this is something that is very similar in the home next to that one. The mothers and grandmothers have perfected the sauce, and then passed it down in the family for the present and future generations to enjoy. While the sauce itself may be something that is very specific to the family and house that you visit, there are still ingredients that come from the region that you are in that are used for the meal itself that remains the same throughout the village.

Same Item Different Taste

It is not uncommon for you to find an item that looks the same yet tastes very different, when you are appreciating Italian food. The fact that the regions play a large role in taste along should be a good indication of the diversity of this lovely little country. You will find so many variations of something that you may be familiar with, that you would assume that it is not the same recipe at all once you try it. This can be the case with just about everything that is culinary related, and can also effect vegetation and livestock as well.

Meats And Cheeses

One of the most pronounced things that will differ from one another in various regions is meats and cheeses. These both will offer great taste and while appreciating Italian food is anything but difficult, you may find some things about it just does not agree with you in regards to regions. One region may use too much of this or too little of that for your liking, and this can even mean that meats and cheeses are affected. The livestock can taste drastically different from others depending on what they are fed, and cheese can differ greatly due to the type of feed the dairy cows in the region are eating. For more info click acehighwine.com

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