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The History of Italian Foods

The History of Italian Foods

Italy is a very old country, in fact, one of the oldest in the world. Not many countries can claim that their foods have become some of the most favorite foods all over the world. Italy has gained world-wide fame by introducing everyone else to the wonderful pizzas and pasta dishes that they’ve been eating for centuries. Pizza is their most famous food, and if you’ve ever had a true Italian pizza then you know that they just don’t compare to the pizza served in pizza chain restaurants.

There are a ton of books and magazine that will teach you about Italian food history, but we’ll try to sum it up for you in this article. Pizza has an extremely long history and it know to date back thousands of years. For example, in early civilization it was more of an herbal-seasoned flatbread and the Phoenicians and Greeks used to eat a variant of it made from water and flour. They put the dough on a hot stone to cook it and seasoned it with herbs while it was cooking on the stone. The Greeks called this early form of pizza “plankuntos” and used it as a plate and ate it with a thick broth.

Some historians even say that the word pizza comes from the Latin word pinsa, which is interpreted as flatbread. Recently, a pizza was discovered in a preserved state and dated back to the bronze age!

You may have heard of Margherita pizza and wondered if its origins were from Mexico. We’ll that’s not the case. The Margherita pizza is named after Italy’s Queen Margherita who paid the Pizzeria Brandi in Naple around the year 1889. The pizza maker at the pizzeria that day made a pizza for the Queen that was finely decorated with the three colors of the new flag of Italy.

The Margherita pizza may have set the standard for all pizza in Italy, but there are several popular types of pizzas made in Italy today. The round shape pizzas that we’re all familiar with come from the pizzerias and are usually baked in a wood-fired stove. Local Italian varieties are always a treat such as the Neapolitan pizza with the distinct hint of oregano, or the pizza marinara, which is filled with anchovies and heavy garlic salts. The pugliese pizza is made with local olives and capers, while pizzas from Sicily include peas, green olives, hard boiled eggs and seafood. The Quattro Formagi pizza is an all cheese pizza made with mozzarella, ricotta, gorgonzola and parmigiano-reggano cheese. To know more info click

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What Can You Include in an Italian Food Gift Basket?

There are more than 10 holidays every year. In almost these, people like giving presents to their friends as a way of showing what they think about their friends and they want to share the festivities with them. That is a gesture that surpasses the cultural, geographical and religious divide. Sometimes, it is not possible to find a present suitable for everyone or a person may end up giving the same present year in year out. To avoid this, a person can try to get a different kind of present that is not common. It has to be affordable and meet the needs of the recipient. It should also make the giver stand out in the friend’s eyes because the present is lovely. If you are looking for such presents, an Italian food gift basket is the answer. Meals from this part of the world have become popular with most people and some are even looking for recipes of such. With this fad going on, you can give your friend a surprise with this package.

One of the packages you can come up with is using pasta and a variety of sauces. There are so many types of pasta you can have in the package. You can choose at least two of the most common types and get a short form and a long form. Also, get some packets of ready made sauces that go well with the pasta you have chosen. You can get one bottle of wine and fill up the Italian food gift basket with a pasta spoon and a pasta cookbook. Another option is to make a package of wines only. You can visit a local store that deals with this specialty and they are bound to tell you the recommended wines. For this case, you can sprinkle some nuts in the package or some packets of dried fruits. Some people may also opt to make a package of appetizers. This means looking for the ideal appetizers that are common with these meals. Some of these include different types of cheese, olive oil, bread sticks and roasted peppers. If you can get ready made soups, you can stash them in too.

People from Italy also love a bit of dessert after a meal. Since you want the person getting the package to get the real deal, you can decide to organize a dessert package. You can get some cappuccino and espresso or just packets of good coffee. You can also add some nuts and cookies to make an ideal dessert. Get as creative as you can in order to have a package that has quality not necessarily quantity. If you are giving this package during a house warming party, you can combine some kitchen stuff commonly used in Italy such as pasta spoons, pasta bowls, colanders and salad serving bowls. Throw in some kitchen towels and potholders too. This Italian food gift basket is bound to impress the recipient. The important thing to bear in mind is working within your budget; do not overspend to impress. Find out more info click

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Herb Garden Plants For Italian Food Lovers

Walk into any Italian restaurant and you’re immediately assaulted by the most wonderful smells. Italian herbs make Italian cuisine among the best in the world because these special herbs are a unique blend that not only adds flavor to food, but makes a wonderful addition to landscape designs.

Some of the most popular herb garden plants for Italian food lovers are basil, fennel, rosemary, oregano, parsley, and garlic.

Basil is an annual warm-season herb which is sensitive to cold weather. It is relatively easy to grow, and has the interesting characteristic — that many gardeners are unaware of– of adding flavor to vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, and certain other plants, that it grows next to. If you’re planting basil seeds indoors, make sure the soil stays warm to encourage sprouting. When the plants are about two inches tall, move them outdoors to an area that gets plenty of sun.

Fennel is a perennial and has a wide range of uses including that wonderful accompaniment to spaghetti, as an herb used in Italian sausage. It can also be used in herbal teas and tinctures, and is said to aid digestion. Fennel is propagated from seed, and like basil, needs plenty of heat to stay healthy.

Rosemary is a hardy, perennial plant. It does well in virtually any climate, but is sensitive to frost. You can grow rosemary in pots or in the ground, and it will sprout little blue flowers that can be used in salads and as a garnish.

Parsley takes its own time to germinate, sometimes several weeks. If you want to tackle parsley, soak the seeds overnight before planting. Sow outdoors in early spring and choose an area that gets plenty of sun, or at the very least, only partial shade.

Oregano is easy to start from a cutting. Its little blue flowers are not only decorative, but also an indication that the plant can be harvested. Oregano likes plenty of sun and hot weather, and will spread all over the place. So take this into consideration as you decide whether to constrain the plant in pots, or allow it to run loose in your garden.

Garlic is a must in any herb Italian garden. After you’ve planted the cloves, the plants will thrive with little attention. Unlike some herbs, this is a “low maintenance” plant.

There are many other herbs that can be included in an Italian herb garden, but these are the most common. Start here and expand based on what your favorite Italian dishes call for and on the growing conditions that each plant requires. Find out more info click

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Appreciating Italian Food

If you are taking a trip through the country of Italy, you will quickly find that appreciating the Italian food means trying things from many different regions. Italy is broken up into many small regions and within these regions there are several different villages and towns. Going from town to town and village to village, will allow you the opportunity to sample and taste what the different areas have to offer. Just because you have sampled one sauce from one house within a town, you should not automatically assume that you have a feel for the way things are done. In fact, you have more than likely only scratched the surface and there is plenty lying below waiting to be discovered.

Your Sauce Is Not My Sauce

There are many reasons for actually appreciating Italian food, and one of the most obvious is of course the great pasta sauce that can be found in Italy. It is important to note however, that just because a sauce is found in one house within one select village, it does not mean that this is the way it is done throughout the entire village. The fact is that that particular home has done things to their sauce for generations, and this is something that is very similar in the home next to that one. The mothers and grandmothers have perfected the sauce, and then passed it down in the family for the present and future generations to enjoy. While the sauce itself may be something that is very specific to the family and house that you visit, there are still ingredients that come from the region that you are in that are used for the meal itself that remains the same throughout the village.

Same Item Different Taste

It is not uncommon for you to find an item that looks the same yet tastes very different, when you are appreciating Italian food. The fact that the regions play a large role in taste along should be a good indication of the diversity of this lovely little country. You will find so many variations of something that you may be familiar with, that you would assume that it is not the same recipe at all once you try it. This can be the case with just about everything that is culinary related, and can also effect vegetation and livestock as well.

Meats And Cheeses

One of the most pronounced things that will differ from one another in various regions is meats and cheeses. These both will offer great taste and while appreciating Italian food is anything but difficult, you may find some things about it just does not agree with you in regards to regions. One region may use too much of this or too little of that for your liking, and this can even mean that meats and cheeses are affected. The livestock can taste drastically different from others depending on what they are fed, and cheese can differ greatly due to the type of feed the dairy cows in the region are eating. For more info click

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Italian Food Recipes – 3 Tips For Choosing the Best

Italian food recipes have grown over the internet landscape the past 2 years with more added each day. You have a wide choice to choose from in today’s marketplace of taste. The dishes can range from hearty and robust to light and flavorful with many in between the two extremes. So with all these choices, along with the new kid on the block,healthy Italian recipes, how do you pick the right ones?

I’ve noticed many mistakes people make when it comes to choosing a recipe. But I’ve noticed just a few that keep coming up among people, especially new cooks. But I’ve also watched older more experienced cooks fall into a trap or two the newbie’s fall victim to.

Perhaps it’s the simplicity of the mistakes, they’re what people can often describe as little, but when overlooked they can often cause a big flop with your Italian recipe.

I’ve listed 3 solid guidelines to follow that will help you choose the best recipes. There’s a simple system to choosing the best dishes. If you take the time to follow these suggestions you’ll get better at choosing the best. The more you stick to these tips the better and more consistent your results. Read more info click

1. Ingredients Are Easily Obtainable. – At first this appears to be a no-brainer, but many cooks can easily make this mistake if they’re not careful. In their excitement to start on the recipe, they can gloss over an ingredient the dish calls for and not realize it until it’s too late.

2. Invest In The Right Cooking Tools – This is an area many cooks underestimate. They choose to cook an elaborate recipe that have more steps than normal – with the wrong cooking tools. Doing this not only waste time, it can ruin a recipe, making the final product disappointing.

3. Can You Speak Recipe? – Many cooks overlook the importance of understanding recipe terms. They try to wing it and leave themselves open to make little mistakes that cause bigger problems. You’ll have a different result if you cube and the recipe said to mince, or you boiled and the recipe said to sauté. This can cause your result to go into the trash instead of your mouth.

As you pay attention and remember these simple tips you’ll find your Italian recipes taking on a better look, feel and taste. There’s a popular saying that “the little foxes can spoil the vine,” meaning little mistakes can spoil a lot. Now know you see how you can avoid the little mistakes and make your Italian cooking a big hit.

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