There are more than 10 holidays every year. In almost these, people like giving presents to their friends as a way of showing what they think about their friends and they want to share the festivities with them. That is a gesture that surpasses the cultural, geographical and religious divide. Sometimes, it is not possible to find a present suitable for everyone or a person may end up giving the same present year in year out. To avoid this, a person can try to get a different kind of present that is not common. It has to be affordable and meet the needs of the recipient. It should also make the giver stand out in the friend’s eyes because the present is lovely. If you are looking for such presents, an Italian food gift basket is the answer. Meals from this part of the world have become popular with most people and some are even looking for recipes of such. With this fad going on, you can give your friend a surprise with this package.

One of the packages you can come up with is using pasta and a variety of sauces. There are so many types of pasta you can have in the package. You can choose at least two of the most common types and get a short form and a long form. Also, get some packets of ready made sauces that go well with the pasta you have chosen. You can get one bottle of wine and fill up the Italian food gift basket with a pasta spoon and a pasta cookbook. Another option is to make a package of wines only. You can visit a local store that deals with this specialty and they are bound to tell you the recommended wines. For this case, you can sprinkle some nuts in the package or some packets of dried fruits. Some people may also opt to make a package of appetizers. This means looking for the ideal appetizers that are common with these meals. Some of these include different types of cheese, olive oil, bread sticks and roasted peppers. If you can get ready made soups, you can stash them in too.

People from Italy also love a bit of dessert after a meal. Since you want the person getting the package to get the real deal, you can decide to organize a dessert package. You can get some cappuccino and espresso or just packets of good coffee. You can also add some nuts and cookies to make an ideal dessert. Get as creative as you can in order to have a package that has quality not necessarily quantity. If you are giving this package during a house warming party, you can combine some kitchen stuff commonly used in Italy such as pasta spoons, pasta bowls, colanders and salad serving bowls. Throw in some kitchen towels and potholders too. This Italian food gift basket is bound to impress the recipient. The important thing to bear in mind is working within your budget; do not overspend to impress. Find out more info click

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